Team Young Mold

Team Young Mold offers a wide range of services, from small homes to large businesses. Whatever your need, we can design a customized solution for you. Some of our popular services include:
• Mold Inspection
• Water Damage & Emergency Response
• Mold Remediation
• Insurance Claim
• Real Estate Transaction Consultation for Mold Contamination Issue
Mold Inspection: There are three steps to take with every mold inspection.
  1. Our specialist conducts a 4-point inspection of property. This includes environmental
    assessment, visual inspection, bulk/surface sampling, and air quality analysis.
  2. The samples are sent to a laboratory. We contact you within a couple of days and
    provide a report detailing the type and quantities of mold present and how they should be removed, per EPA guidelines.
  3. Our specialist gives a same-day quote for remediation/removal services.
    We always offer competitive mold inspection prices!
Water Damage & Emergency Response: We understand that your home is the most important investment in your life. If your house is flooded or water damage occured in your home let our damage restoration specialist restore your property to it's original condition. We will prepare a free professional damage assessment and we offer our customers safe and innovative solutions.
Mold Remediation: After inspection results confirm necessity of mold remediation, our specialists will begin the remediation process by first determining the initial cause of the problems. Technicians will begin by controlling the moisture and humidity levels in the remediation area. Proper protection will be employed to safeguard the health and safety concerns of the occupants. Areas which have been exposed to and affected by the mold growth and the water intrusion will be disinfected and deodorized for the safety and health of the occupants.
Insurance Claim: Your insurance deductible rebate is negotiable.

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